Inversion Method – Results


After one week and very inconsistent use of the inversion method, I grew 0.5 inch! This is very surprising. It takes around 3 weeks to grow 0.5 inch usually. My hair stayed relatively the same thickness, but I noticed decreased shedding! My crown is covered in a mini forest of new growth. Considering my past experience with thinning in my crown, this is very exciting.

Sometimes I left the oil on overnight. Sometimes I didn’t apply oil and just massaged.

Out of this experiment, I have taken away that I will continue using oil and massage 1-2 times per week. It isn’t so much the length, which looks like a solid BSL (bra strap length), but the new growth in an area that has been far too thin for too long!

It works…cheers!

Inversion Hair Treatment Before

After reading about this, and watching several YouTube videos, I will be trying the Inversion Method Hair Routine. I will be doing the following routine for 1 week and documenting hair growth and thickness:

This method was originally found here.

  1. Warming a blend of Castor and Almond Oil
  2. Massaging my scalp for 4 minutes inverted slightly
  3. Waiting 2 hours
  4. Washing

Today, before the method, my pony tail is a flat 2 inches thick.

My length from forehead to tip is 25.5 inches.