Custom Chinese Seal for Paintings

As part of my 365 Chinese Paintings project, I decided to get my own Chinese chop/seal as seen in the painting above. I found that sandstone was expensive and could break. I just don’t have $100 to spend on this custom seal. I decided to go the rubber stamp way and found a great way of ordering your own Chinese seal.

The Steps for Ordering a Rubber Seal/Chop

  1. Go to Chinese-Tools or Google Translate and find out your name in Chinese. If you want just a few words like “peace” and “love”, you can use the translator. Copy your characters.
  2. Go to Chinese Seal Generator on Chinese-Tools. Paste your characters. Spend a lot of time on this page! Set the quality up to 200. Try out different styles and sizes. Positive or negative? After you are fully satisfied, carve and save the image to your computer. Set the color to black and save that image too.
  3. Go to ATRS Design-Your-Own. Choose the size. I used 0.5″x 1″. Now, upload the B&W seal image. Make sure you rotate it if you have to! Triple-check the image. Choose shipping and purchase. Now, the shipping cost as much as the stamp for me. Keep that in mind.

Review of the Process

In total, I spent $12.00 for my stamp. Now, there are Etsy sellers that will do stone chops for $35+ (look here), but I had a budget. Also, a seller of stone chops might have limits on the sizes, you notice mine isn’t a square. You want 4 characters for that on Chinese-Tools. Here is an example though. For a seal that is 1″x1″, you’ll shell out $2 more.


The color can be muddled on occasion, but overall I am satisfied with the result! In the long run, having a hand carved seal is better. You can achieve a more authentic feel. But as a new painter on a budget, this is perfect.



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