Wardrobe Challenge – Replacing Jeans with Dresses

Last night, while browsing my favorite online stores (thredUP and LikeTwice) I realized how beautiful and simple a dress looks for all seasons.

I don’t own many dresses, and the ones I do own are getting pretty worn out. They are quite old. I’ve decided that I really should ditch most of my wardrobe, as I barely like anything in it. Many of my outfits were bought for previous positions (teacher, for example). I can’t say I actually like the stuffy, uncomfortable pants and shirts I had bought. In addition, nothing really seems to fit me anymore. I barely have any leggings, but i quite like them. I would love to just replace most of my wardrobe with dresses, skirts, and leggings.

I have 3 pairs of jeans right now, and I certainly don’t plan on having any more than that. I remember a time that I had around 10 pairs of jeans, for no reason except greed. They all seemed to fit me fine and look the same. However, jeans usually stop fitting for one reason or another after about a year or two and they are wasted. Replacing them can get expensive!

My plan is to sell quite a bit of my wardrobe to stores around the city this week. With the money I make, I want to buy some casual dresses that can be both summer and winter appropriate. I live in a warmer climate, so dresses are still fine in January. I would love to dress up a dress (Ha!) with a scarf, sweater, cardigan, or boots.

I currently have the following dresses either in my closet, or shipping in the mail:

  • Mid-thigh, floral, cut-outs
  • Knee, striped, rope-tied at waist
  • Knee, orange tie-dye, ruffles
  • Upper thigh, cream, loose and collared
  • Mid-thigh, purple, ruffles
  • Maxi, striped, scoop neck and simple
  • Mid-thigh, geometric, wrap dress

I’ll be keeping my eyes out for the following:

  • Knee, solid bright color, sleeves
  • Knee, dark pattern, silky, collared

I would love to find the bottom two dresses, as I can see myself wearing them for a number of occasions, and likely for quite a number of years (the goal is to be less wasteful after all). Hopefully I can find these dresses second-hand, but you never know!

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